Tip: as a calculation factor for the mutations, you can already take into consideration 7 mutations per invoice. Namely, n.a. data, date, invoice number, item with net amount, VAT amount, total amount, banking details. In compliance with the requirements set by the tax authorities for inspection, these are the norm.


This service can also be attained separately in case of income taxes.


Depending on the mutations that usually go through your business or that you can expect when estimated, do you have an idea, based on the left-hand calculation factor, what that total will be annually? In addition to the number of mutations to be processed, do you have an idea of what you also need in terms of extra service? Please fill in your estimates in the form below and send it with your contact details. As a result, you will be contacted to carefully review your estimations so that you can receive the actual estimation as an offer. Until that moment, if everything is still relevant, we can arrange for the intake interview.


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