I take care of the accurate processing of your bookkeeping with a contract of assignment, for the duration and number of tasks of which depend on the project you own. With this agreement, I will first look at your expertise, your aspects, the quality of your business processes and to top it all, the goals you want to achieve. Finally, it is about the investments that you make, have made and want to make. What can you expect from me? Prepare for a swift start at Mastaba. This means that your company is ready for the account processing of your company in a few steps. With underlining you are at the right address on this page for a trust office with tax consultancy within the SME sector. So if you are a self-employed person, sole trader or company with personnel, a limited partnership or private company with up to 150 employees? Then you fall within this sector and within the business administrative package that is offered at Mastaba. It may be that you, as the leader of your company, are simply too busy to keep the bookkeeping carefully and accurately tuned, because of the expertise you throw yourself into every day. It is also possible that you have your own expertise and are just a beginner with accounting. It should not matter what expertise you have yourself. Once you earn from that, by definition you have an income and expense pattern, from which results arise. I want to make this clear for you according to the direct timeline. You remain in charge of your own expertise and company. I do the business administration. My initial focus within accounting is to take over your operational work volume and the correspondence with your associated stakeholders (debtors, creditors, tax authorities). Depending on the economic structure within your company, I will discuss the necessary accounting work processes with you regarding the financial part of your company. As an extra point of view, I see to it how these work processes will be maintained and how they can be made more efficient. The central question when you pay attention to these accounting work processes is: do you have the necessary finances to be able to do what you have planned, what your customer demands or to adjust the structure of your company? First hand you can continue to communicate about this with Mastaba and because of the accounting software that Exact Online offers you can also see this for yourself by explicitly requesting access. What I offer you at the end of the month and at the end of the year is the monthly and year-end closings with the corresponding reports so that you are quickly updated on the progress of your own business via the accounts as a result of the passed period.


During accounting, the standard at Mastaba automatically corresponds to the aspects of taxation as set by the tax authorities. This standard provides information that is important for the tax authorities to obtain an indication of the income or expenditure aspects to be taxed. However, there is a difference between declarations and charges. The declarations are done proactively by Mastaba if you choose this option. There are different types of taxes to start with namely sales tax, income or wage tax, profit or corporate tax, real estate tax, water board tax, municipal tax and road tax. Depending on the composition of your company, income pattern or expenditure that play a role in your specific situation, you will have to deal with taxations. Before the taxation bill is received from the tax authorities, these taxations are already in consideration, because there is no doubt when you allow compliance with the policy of the tax authorities as it has made many resources available for this purpose. It is also very nice to know in advance what you have to pay for taxes at the end of each year or divided into several periods. If you manage to be accurate in considering these upcoming taxations, you will retain this fact as if the tax authorities stand in your way as an incidental damage-generating cost item. The better you estimate this, the more benefits you gain, such as the rebates, or expense allowance scheme that the tax authorities provide if you learn to conduct the correspondence with them correctly. The more rebates you have in store, the more space you create for your own goals. What ultimately forms the concern within tax consultancy is the question: what do you have to spend and what do you want to spend it on? If you take the tax aspects into consideration, you can adjust your planning with what you have to spend and what you need to spend it on. In any case, you will initiate the tax consult if you choose to have the tax declaration filled in by Mastaba or if you separately have burning questions about conducting your investments with tax legislations in mind.


Do you have expertise and are you planning to do something with that, or have you already decided to start a business with it? It all starts with your investment capital. On the basis of your own expertise and the value you attach to it, you want to know in advance how much cashflow this investment capital offers you to initiate your set of work processes with your expertise to meet the requirements of the market for your expertise. You also want to know what the progress of your work processes yields and whether you can recoup all your investment capital. Once all this has been neatly mapped out, you will then get an indication of how profitable your investment can be. Even if not everything recoups for itself so quickly, you will coexist with Mastaba through this medium called cashflow management. This specific service extends from short, to medium, to long-term perspectives. What do you ultimately include in your investment capital? Are these sustainable means of production, or do you immediately have a stock of raw materials or goods that you can use to produce and / or sell them for an upcoming period? Depending on this question, the duration of this perspective that Mastaba focuses on takes shape. Accounting provides information and insight to the course that needs to be taken by the investment. It is likely that you provide deposits yourself to have a money buffer. This buffer results in a cash flow or working capital. Mastaba takes a look at this cash flow or working capital for you from the investing moment to the end or realinging phase of this investing project. A long-term project is not guaranteed to have an end or realinging phase in sight, because in the future the influence on your sales from a macro perspective may look completely different. So approximated, you will still have a long-term estimate with your cashflow or working capital and compliance with this is checked by Mastaba. This module therefore concerns pure controlling and falls into a different category of service than the business administration. What is also included in this service is whether you have enough buffer, along the project that you have set up with your investment, to pay all your expenses or creditors on time (for example, your employees). Pay close attention to the difference between the investment capital and the cashflow that you take into that same capital. Therefore, from this perspective, the treasury of your investment and money buffer is taken into account jointly. Mastaba will continue to correspond with you directly about this if you choose this option.


All the aforementioned services are provided in digital form and in a digital work environment. Via the Exact Online accounting package. All the above processes have been specially written by Mastaba and adapted to the working environment within Exact Online. That is not only the service you get with it, but also the innovation that distinguishes itself from trust offices that rely on entire real estates or buildings to do this. All the digital space you need to store your documentation is available. You are more likely to run into limitations in real estate business spaces when it comes to archiving than when you digitize all documents in a digital work environment. The tax authorities nowadays also accept digital documentation that you must keep on hand for inspection purposes. As long as you supply everything in PDF format. The means that Exact Online has made available for digitizing your documentation are the "mobile app" with which you can scan your documents with a click of a picture on your smartphone and thus digitally send them to Mastaba for processing in accounting. By the way, do you have a procuration system within your own business processes with which line managers must give approvals on, for example, invoices? As mentioned earlier, you can also use the Exact Online mobile app for approval purposes, as you can see in the adjacent photo. It only gives you more benefits through this example: if for the payable invoices you still have to physically go passed all line managers in an old-fashioned way to make an approval request for a scribble or signature on the desired (bundle) documents within your industrial complex.