Mastaba is an administrative office in the Amsterdam region with which you can walk through the fortunes of your company with a fresh look. Do you want your financial status to be correct and viewable? The progress of your case will depend on this if you are happy to continue. Thanks to a correct and clear financial overview, you can determine your own corporate goals. These interests are in line with Mastaba, because the whole of your business administration should not become a bitter experience. If you choose Mastaba, you can prepare for a swift start in which you will learn the most essential business organizational principles in a few steps.


The concept at Mastaba is a solid core designed from the heart of the business organization that offers tailor-made solutions. At Mastaba you will have mapped out and set up your entire business organization in one go. The name Mastaba says it all: the solid object that notifies your devotion. You invest in that. Have you ever experienced the accounting yourself? After all, if you close it well at the end of a period, this will create more and more ground and more space to develop new ideas and perhaps to expand. From that spectrum, Mastaba has developed such a process for business administration that everything that is coefficient within that one process is not only coordinated but also controlled so that the right steps can be taken towards cost efficiency and effectiveness. The quality of this process, above all else, is also coordinated, controlled and gradually improved by Mastaba from the outside of your own processes, where necessary. Based on these principles, you will have your business information forecasted, budgeted, ledgers activated, sub-ledger operated, all correspondence with your stakeholders regarding operational settlements in order, tax returns compliant etc. You can also hand over a part of your accounting. This depends on the occupation within Mastaba. If so, for example, only the sub-ledgers at your office can be outsourced to Mastaba so that you can continue with the rest of your business administration. It is also possible that you only want to have your tax ldeclarations filled in with rebates opportunities. Gradually, depending on the occupation, Mastaba offers you these customized services.

What is the offer?

Tailored business administration (the translation of your company into accounting and cashflow management)

Processing this business administration and the correspondence with stakeholders

Reporting (Annual statement of accounts, profit and loss accounts)

The VAT, wage and / or income tax declarations with rebates and customized advice

Deposit external reporting / annual statement of accounts with the Chamber of Commerce (if private company)

The Working Method

The time registration, the degree of productivity and the quality control within the business administration provide you with competitive rates. This bundles together into one recurring invoice that is drawn up for you by the work process. Also for cashflow management, you can be billed in one recurring invoice, together with the time registration, the degree of productivity and the quality control. All this information is made available in an instant in the Exact financial application. Exact supplies Mastaba with the financial application "Exact live 2020" with many tasks and options for conducting your business administration, which can also be linked directly to your own workspace by simply choosing the access option or expanding to the package of applications especially for keeping track of your trading environment or production environment. You can choose which option you want linked from Exact to your own workshop or that you prefer not to have a link except direct correspondence with Mastaba. In a nutshell, Exact covers 90% of the digital workplace at Mastaba, so you can determine where innovation lies in the new way of business, it is just as special as a commercial property, but you get more in return.

The Plot

Entrepreneurship has a lot of good insights and also some bad complications. We are challenged every day to make good decisions and to beware of negative influences. When processing your sub-ledgers, for example, a fraud invoice can creep up in a simple manner. That is why Mastaba and It’s expertise take the absolute advantage of taking these negative influences into consideration before they become immanent. With the conclusion of an agreement with Mastaba, not only your data, but also that of your stakeholders are protected. This form of protectionism is so contractually intertwined and appropriated by the legal organization Das Rechtsbijstand. In this way, together we can ensure that we not only create a safe environment during business, but also a more positive one.

The Motto

When I wake up one day and our cities look like this (left in the picture), one of the main goals has mostly been achieved. Mastaba is not only committed to business administration. The certain goal that is settled at Mastaba is to provide synergy. Bringing together networks to give the right impetus to the further development of our human existence. It is remarkable that the photo placed on the left already shows that even before the most obvious modern plans are put in motion, ecology can stand out above all else. Before this ecological plan is set in motion, a dedication may almost feel like a mythological giant copper Talos that was used for the survival of the small Greek island of Crete. Only the composition should not (only) consist of copper, but a more ecologically conscious mindset. Since this giant is being given a new look, it may also be called differently. For example, 'Leaf'. Suppose this ecologically conscious Leaf can rise from the ground like a giant, one day we can call it the corporation that maintains the world with a green mindset. That we at least continue to make more conscious choices along green lanes.

- Vincent Leetz-

(Founder Mastaba)


Mastaba can also be employed by the governmental institutions for his company's administrative expertise. Namely, his experience at The Dutch Central Bank has been one of the most pleasant assignments to experience. First, you have to imagine that you were literally sitting on gold at the time, you met nice colleagues or corporate culture and you received such a nice thank-you gift as a keepsake after the assignment. Time is the essence and you will never forget that.

The Founder

Thanks to the right mindset and experience in a wide variety of organizations, work processes and business administrative functions, I am pleased to have brought the Mastaba concept to life. It gives a fresh look first hand at the historical facts and then for what kind of future can be forecasted. As the founder and business administrator in economics with controlling and treasury properties, I welcome you to the new way of business. It will take some getting used to without a permanent office as a working location for Mastaba. Although virtual. There is enough digital space to manage this type of work and it should certainly make itself more visible to the general public. By investing in this way of innovation, you create more space to be able to move yourself more freely. I’m sincerely honored to invite you to the intake interview in person to induce you to the further schematics together with Mastaba in one of the many suitable venues in Amsterdam that have been made available for business purposes. See you soon and at your service.

- Vincent Leetz -