Is this a pyramid scheme?

No, the concept of pyramid scheme obviously has a bad name. What this office is all about is really what you believe in. If you want to start up your company, expand or need help setting up pure goals, you can turn to Mastaba to help you through your business administration making the effort and fulfill company data. Although the opposite can still occur internally at your company, Mastaba will, in good faith, create clarity and pointing out room for expenditure through overview. Mastaba will operate for you between these two aspects. You get quality and the scheme internally would rather appear more obvious.

What is your address?

Officially there’s no contact address where Mastaba is located for due visiting purposes. If it is necessary to go through business scenarios with you in person, there are enough proper facilities available in Amsterdam for this, which add to more business value. In good consultation we will then meet at one of the desired locations. Mastaba arranges this location. Furthermore, the correspondence continues to be conducted by email, apps and by telephone.

Where does your business process take place?

The business process is done digitally via Exact Online. This can be seen as a complete virtual working environment where of course real information has to go through. All you need is access to the web portal via computer, tablet or smartphone. This access can be seen as augmented reality, because there your companies financial data will be before you virtually while you work around your free workspace. Thanks to PDF documentation. So do you want to see the financial state of your business when you look around? Then ask for the access option to actively view your financial accounting data through Exact Online. You can of course still choose to communicate in direct line with Mastaba, without access to Exact.

Is your business process safe like that?

Any unwanted visitor needs access first to Exact online as it has been assigned to only authorized people to manage the further safety through firewall on a daily basis. Not only Mastaba's company data, but yours too will not be bombarded by internet criminals overnight or that it could be damaged without Exact being aware or responsible for it. With regard to Mastaba, your safety is also optimal by years of archiving experience with digital documentation.

Are you "present"?

Yes, the presence is still running according to office hours. So according to these standards, correspondence will be via phone, email or app. What we always have to pay attention to is to be able to go on holiday once or twice a year and to inform each other on time. You will therefore be informed on time about the continuation of your accounting in the interim period. With the expert within Mastaba being a Dutch resident, the Netherlands was also opted for his business operations. Should there be any other thoughts, you will also be informed on time. A good mix of patience and positivity ensures the presence is also permanent. Business trips are still essential, although they will still depend on the occupation. You will not be surprised if the motto is to improve ourselves.

What criteria do I have to meet in order to use your service?

The criteria are very simple. Self-employed persons of any type or kind, companies with personnel up to the size of a proprietorship, private company or limited partnership with a maximum of 150 employees. Do you have a career as an athlete or artist? Then you also fall under the category of self-employment or company with staff. You transfer all or part of your accounts. You are authorized to conduct business in the Netherlands with valid proofs (Passport, Chamber of Commerce license and VAT number).

How long has Mastaba been around?

In a devoted sense since the first time notice. In workmanship, Mastaba has officially been open to the public since the 3th of August 2020.